Sunday, March 15, 2015

March PIGATE board meeting

PIGATE members came to KGU for the JASELE meeting and after the conference, gathered in the English lounge for a Board meeting.

Hard at work! Planning for the next 6 months!

Some things planned are
-April: Some preliminary presentations from PanSIG

-June: Hiroshi Fukushima and Rick Lavin on Shadowing

-August: Takaki sensei's ID card activity

A number of other things are planned, but we are always looking for more! And now some words from us!

What I was most interested in about is that how we can motivate students who are less motivated on studying English.
I'd like to make my class more cheerful from Monday. (Tomomi)

I learned a lot today. (Hitomi)

I am sooo motivated now! (Misato)

I'm proud of PIGATE! 20 of them came to the seminar! Wow!! (Takaki)

What impressed me most was the story about the importance of motivation.
I'll encourage my students to improve their English ability. (Soejima)

I learned "how I can motivate the students to study English". I'll try some ideas in my class. (Nagai)

I'm studying about learners' identity formation for my graduation master thesis. it is closely related to motivation. So, I had a very good time today. (Shiori)

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