Saturday, October 10, 2015

PIGATE & JALT NanKyu: Joint My Share, 2015.10.10

This blog post ... [was] a work in progress [that I began composing shortly after the October gathering]. In this post, ... [in] which there ... [have been] numerous [modifications and] amplification[-s] ..., please find embedded a presentation file that covered the PIGATE and JALT NanKyu Chapter joint event in October (2015.10.10) at KGU.

For anyone who missed the October session, [the presentation (Google Slides) embedded in] this post may provide a rough idea of what took place; for those who were able to attend, it should (eventually) provide additional information collected just prior to, during, or after the numerous presentations–10, all told.

Please stay tuned for updates and amplifications, not only in this post, but also in the presentation file itself. Comments and questions on this post are more than welcome.

[Latest revision, 2015.11.18: 133 words]

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  1. Though it has taken quite some time to accomplish, the development of the Google slideshow in this post, representing what took place at the October 2015 My Share session, is virtually complete. I'd like to thank all of the contributors, organizers and presenters once again here.

    If you have any concerns or questions about any of the materials, presentations or summaries in the slideshow, please feel free to spell them out in comments on this post. Similarly, if there is anything else you think we should add to the slideshow, please let us know, either in person at the next PIGATE session (Nov. 14) or in comments on this post.


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