Monday, March 14, 2016

Junior high students' presentation on school trip to Singapore

Our 一貫 [ikkan] students (1st yr JH - 2nd yr HS at Shokei) gathered for a Powerpoint presentation by our 3rd yr JH students about their school trip to Singapore last month. They had put together slides showing what they had seen and done as well as differences they had noticed between the school they visited in Singapore and Shokei.

Two surprising ones were that there was no A/C in the classrooms (and it was more humid than Kumamoto in August!) and that the students could have their cell phones on their desks and use them between classes! Some of the places they enjoyed were Marina Bay Sands (with a wonderful night view) and the Night Safari.

The students gave their presentation mostly in English with some Japanese including some Japanese on the screen to help students understand what they were saying. They had used some of the fun animations in Powerpoint to make the "show" even more enjoyable. It was a nice way to share their experience with the teachers and students!

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  1. Hey, Julie!

    Thank you for your post about the 3rd year students' presentation on their experiences and findings in Singapore.

    I take it they had a good time both sightseeing there and giving a presentation to their juniors and seniors, the ikkan students, back here in K-land.

    Is there any chance that you could get permission to publicly share that presentation (or sample slides from it)?

    It would be a pleasure to help you work it (or them) into this post.

    Cheers, Paul


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