Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dec 2014 meeting! Pigs at KGU!!

PIGATE held its December meeting at the KGU English Lounge. Check below for pictures!

It was a great turnout for the first time at KGU, with a wide variety of in-service teachers and pre-service students with 20 attendees.

Mitsuki Fukushima, a 4th year KGU student, was the chief for this meeting, which is like a moderator. She was wearing a shirt that said 'MISCHIEF' (いたずら), but she promised that her name was not Mischief, but was really Mitsuki.

The CPS (Classroom Practice Series) portion of the meeting was led by Tomomi Nishioka, a teacher at Ichinomiya JHS and a former KGU students and she was presenting some materials by Fumiko Nagai, a teacher at Kikuchi Minami JHS, who couldn't attend. The topic was number of ideas for speeches in the classroom and different ways to use them.

The GAS (Grammar Awareness Series) portion was led by Akenobu Sugawara, who talk about using the present tense in conversation, giving us lots of examples of the English present tense along with some interesting games.

This was followed by introductions and some free talking. And snacks!!!

The ETE (English Through English) section was led by Misato Takata sensei, who works at an elementary school in Kami Amakusa, [and] who brought a paper by Mitsuaki Hayase entitled "Teaching English through English (TETE)
And the summary was provided, as always, by Takaki sensei

Next month, Chuck Waterman will be presenting about games to use for English teaching at the KGU English Lounge. Why don't you join us?


  1. It was great to have PIGATE at KGU and I hope that we can make KGU the permanent home of PIGATE. Here is my impression of this first session at the KGU English Lounge

    Mitsuki did a good job as chief, though she might remember that in my Speaking class, I really don't like pre-written speeches. I'm hoping to work with the next chief to develop some extemporaneous materials

    Tomomi's presentation of the speeches in the classroom was quite nice. If I had been thinking, I would have brought some ipads so we could have made some recordings of different people's speeches.

    Sugawara san's presentation was impressive and I thought everyone could learn from his confidence and manner in presenting. I think that the idea of talking about a particular grammar point is good, though we have to be careful that it is not 詳し過ぎる

    Takata sensei's discussion was also quite interesting. One thing we could do in the future is share the article here before the meeting so everyone could have a chance to read it (and we could avoid printing out the paper!) For the next PIGATE, I will bring all my old JALT TLT magazines so people can look at them. If they find an interesting article, I can download it from the website and post it ahead of time.

    Thanks again for coming and hope to see everyone next time!

  2. Great idea to share articles for discussion before meetings.

    For the article that Ms. Takata brought to the previous meeting, there's a link in Reflections on the monthly meeting: Dec. 13, 2014 (Jan. 6, 2015).


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