Monday, December 15, 2014

Who's pab?

Hi, I'm Paul Beaufait, one of the greybeards and the only person wearing a tie in the group photo from the Dec. 2014 meeting at KGU last Saturday. I forgot to take the tie off on my way over from the Prefectural University of Kumamoto (PUK), where I'd been attending senior presentations that same morning

I'm affiliated with the information administration section of the faculty of administrative studies at the PUK, and have been teaching on the campus in Tsukide since the Kumamoto Women's University days–a long, long time! 

Right now I'm especially keen on exploring satisfying, suitable, and sustainable uses of technology to enhance learning environments and, hopefully, also to improve language learning outcomes. Yet I'm keen on continuing teacher development practices, too.

It's always a pleasure to take part in PIGATE gatherings, to meet new people as well as old friends, to hear of new as well as on-going challenges that teachers and [teacher-]trainees face, and to keep learning with you all. 

"pab" is my blog handle (display name) from years and years ago–before I grew comfortable with online identities. Please feel free to call me Paul.

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