Thursday, February 18, 2016

PIGATE in Cyberspace: Comments for working outline, please!

The purpose of this post is to call for comments, questions, and suggestions regarding another work in progress. 

I'd like to get feedback from PIGATE members, old and new, on a working outline for a research paper in preparation for the summer 2016 issue of the PIGATE working papers (紀要 [kiyou]).

PIGATE in Cyberspace [working title]
An environmental scan of Internet communication technology (ICT) uses, challenges, and potential for collective grassroots teacher development [working sub-title]

Below is the body of the working outline. Most of all I'd appreciate suggestions of new sections or subsections to add in order to represent various aspects of ICT in use that I may have overlooked so far.


Please feel free either to post your comments, questions, or suggestions in comments attached to this post, or to voice your ideas in person the next time we meet (12 March 2016?).

Likewise, if you'd like to get a personal look at details as they appear and develop in the paper itself, please do not hesitate to ask for access to the work in progress.

[272 words]

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  1. Unfortunately I need to retract the suggestion that we might share ideas for working papers (kiyou articles) informally at the PIGATE gathering next month (Sat., 12 March 2016).

    Due to responsibilities at work, I won't be able to attend PIGATE presentations in March, and may miss the committee meeting afterwards as well. Our next chance to meet face-to-face may be at the PIGATE session in April (Sat., 9 April 2016).

    Nevertheless, my working outline is already popping like blossoms on a tree south of the house. So I'd love to hear any insights you may have in the meantime, either in public comments on this post or via the members-only PIGATE mailing list.


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