Thursday, February 25, 2016

The PIGATE Calendar of Events page got a facelift!

The PIGATE Blog, Calendar of Events page got a facelift today; it now includes a display that looks like this:
A three-calendar mash-up in Agenda view
The piggy-pink listings on white backgrounds are from the PIGATE Events calendar, for which our own Taishi Kaneko became a co-moderator yesterday. The other calendar co-moderators are Tomomi Nishioka and Joseph Tomei.

Welcome aboard, Taishi! We're also looking forward to your debut as a new blog contributor.

The blue text listings are from a JALT NanKyu calendar that also appears in a similar calendar display on the NanKyu website, where the JALT member in the spotlight today is PIGATE's fearless leader, Nobuyuki Takaki! Congratulations to Nobuyuki for a perfect attendance record at PIGATE meetings for oh-so-many years.

The brownish listings on white backgrounds, as you've probably guessed, represent traditional and observed holidays in Japan. Though the image you see above is only a snapshot, clicking on the colored listings on the PIGATE Calendar of Events page will display whatever event details currently are available.

As always, if you have any concerns, questions, or suggestions with regard to posts on The PIGATE Blog, please do not hesitate to spell them out in comments on the posts, or to voice them at an upcoming PIGATE gathering.
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