Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Year's resolution worksheets

Looking for a worksheet that you might adopt and adapt for collecting New Year's resolutions, or one simply to serve as inspiration for various sorts of resolutions–if not this year, then maybe next? Check this one out!
Image source: http://blogs.scholastic.com/files/resolution-1.pdf
You'll find a couple more if you read on.

A Scholastic Teachers blog post (Newingham, 2013) explained how to use that worksheet to collect resolutions for a time capsule and use them for reflection a year later, an activity rated for 3rd through 5th grade pupils in the U.S.

The Busy Teachers worksheet site (2011) offers another free worksheet from Scholastic for U.S. grades 1-3. The download link is on the right, as are cross-links to related worksheets. Yet another, for reading resolutions, ages 6-7 (U.S), is available on the Scholastic Parents blog (Mascott, 2014).

There are many, many more resources where those came from, if you're willing to click around a bit.


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