Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Year's Resolutions

Tomomi mentioned that she'd like to share everyone's new year's resolutions in the newsletter....

[You're also more than welcome to share] yours in the comments [on this post]!


  1. I guess I'll start.
    -exercise more
    I do aikido (合気道) and tai chi (太極拳) so this year, I will do them both every week.
    -lose some weight
    I'm 87 kg now, I would really like to be 82 kg by the end of the year
    -study Vietnamese
    I'm going to Vietnam in August for a conference, so I really want to speak more Vietnamese.
    -practice my french horn
    I'd really like to play more this coming year.
    Well those are mine. Whose next?

    1. I go next!
      - to get qualification
      ( I'll let you know if I pass! )

      -to keep listening Radio Eikaiwa starting from 6:45-7:00 a.m. every morning

      -to be nice to myself
      This means to be honest to myself as well.

      -try not to eat sweets everyday.
      Which means I can eat one once in 2 days though....

    2. Hey, Tomomi, good luck getting your next qualification!

      What kinds of sweets do you usually go for?

    3. cream.......oh my god!!! I just ate them!!
      I'm hopeless!

  2. My turn, I guess. So here goes.

    One of my resolutions is to make at least one post every month on each active blog I have or use, and to label those blog posts accurately and thoroughly. In all honesty, however, I can't say offhand how many blogs that may be; I hope I can still count them without using my toes (:-{)).

    Another is to go head to head, kilo for kilo, with Joe (Jan. 11, 2015, above) in a weight loss campaign this year. Yet I'd prefer to keep the starting point a secret. A checkpoint will be to see whether I need a new swimsuit in June!

    Now, who's next?


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